Blaye – the film

« Faites escale à Blaye » (“Stop off in Blaye”)

Designed, filmed and produced by: La Maison du Bonheur

Design and direction: Toma Eloli
Production Manager and Music Supervision: Alexandra Eloli Castillo
Production Assistant: Karen David
Voice over: Eric Bougnon

We would like to thank all of our wonderful extras!

Blaye’s Tourist Office had three aims to meet:

– Show how attractive Blaye City and its neighbouring areas are to tourists
– Showcase the main points of interest in Blaye
– Use the video to increase tourism

To fulfil these three aims we created a trailer-type film. Each person imagines their visit. Our aim was to experience the area through real people.

The film was very successful and the tourist office fulfilled its aims.


“Alexandra and Toma paid great attention to constructing our project. They suggested elements for the scenario and determined technological solutions necessary for creating a very professional quality film.” They were kind, reactive and constantly paid attention to doing a great job, leading to a very pleasant working experience.

We now own a film greatly appreciated by our community: 15,000 views in the first week, whereas our community had fewer than 1,900 fans at the time. This shows that the video was liked, shared and commented. It was exactly what we wanted!

I would definitely recommend La Maison du Bonheur!



All of our extras really enjoyed taking part in this project:

“It was an excellent day and a great experience for us. Thank you! »
“It was really a pleasure, in all simplicity. Just pleasurable or maybe even blissful…”

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