EnjoyPhoenix & Anna Todd

A new type of star is born. It’s what Marie Lopez EnjoyPhoenix and Anna Todd have become. Two different styles using the same medium: the web.

Marie Lopez, at only 21 has become THE reference in beauty tips for teenagers in France and has over one million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She has also brought out a book telling her story.


Cover Anna TODD

Anna Todd is a young 26 year-old author, known for publishing her erotic fan fiction saga on Wattpad. “After” comprises five volumes and has 12 million readers.

La Maison du Bonheur had the pleasure of meeting and filming these two strong ladies during their signing session organised by Cultura. Marie Lopez and Anna Todd both shared these two very successful films with great emotion on their social networks (more than 100,000 views) you can see them here (IN OUR PORTFOLIO) or at:

EnjoyPhoenix: Youtube

Anna Todd: Youtube

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