Filming in Medoc

La Maison du Bonheur produced a teaser/film to promote the first International Médoc Film Festival, the Harvest of the 7th Art.

This film is a tribute to cinema. Created and directed by Toma Eloli, some of the scenes were inspired by films of the 7th art.  Four different versions of the film are available: 12 seconds for television, 48 seconds for social network promotion, 30 seconds for cinemas and 1 minute 30 seconds (the bonus) for the Festival’s website.

The original music was composed by Cyrille Marchesseau, edited by La Maison du Bonheur and recorded by a symphonic orchestra.

The film was shot entirely in the Médoc region with a 100% local cast of actors. Magnificent châteaux opened their doors to us for the shooting.

Lastly, one of the most important factors was the Festival’s excellent organising team, alongside the Mayor of Pauillac, who placed their trust in us from the very beginning and long may it continue.

To watch our film, click here.

Here are some photos of the shooting.





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